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Frank Candelieri

Our founder, Frank Candelieri, never thought he’d be at the helm of a thriving family-owned and operated landscaping business.  But he did predict he’d be lucky to last more than five years at his first post-college job.

The best things about his professional position?  He was on the management track, plus he had an office with a view.   The worst thing?  That office window was taunting him!  Frank slowly realized that he didn’t like spending his day at his desk, plugging numbers into spreadsheets.  He’d built up a small side business while he was in high school and college, landscaping around his neighborhood.  He really missed being outdoors, working with a team of friends and getting his hands dirty.

One sunny afternoon, Frank looked outside to see the “landscapers” completely destroying the lawn with less-than-careful turns on the standing mowers – and he knew with his experience, he could do it better.  So, he quit his job and persuaded his previous employer to become one of his first official F.D. Candelieri Landscape Management clients.

Fast forward 20 years later – Frank and his crew have cared for landscapes all over the South Shore, providing a full range of services to keep yards happy and healthy.  And keeping pace with fast changing trends in the industry, he’s continued to further his landscape education, learning the latest about irrigation, organic fertilization and landscape design and construction.

He’s also cultivated the very best team to keep your property looking amazing from every angle (pun intended! 😀 ).  You’ll see those same faces, year after year.  Our landscape professionals know that the foundation of your perfect landscape starts with regular, attentive maintenance – no shortcuts!

Several years ago, Frank and his wife Lisa decided to move their family of four daughters to Hingham.  With a growing base of clients in the town and their family ties to the community, it made sense.   Frank says he couldn’t be happier.  “I enjoy living and working in the same town.  It keeps me in touch with my clients on a regular basis and I love seeing their landscapes transform throughout the season.”

You can see the same change in your landscape too.  Simply call our office at 781-749-1197 for a complimentary evaluation of your property and Frank’s suggestions on how we can help you improve it.