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Seasonal Decorations

Ahhhh, December! The scent of holiday greenery is in the air.  The landscape crews are finishing fall cleanups, clearing the last of the leaves before the first big snow.  Meanwhile, the decorating team is back at the F.D. Candelieri garage, trying hard not to trip over the mountains of evergreen, holly, birch logs, twigs, pinecones,garland, ornaments, bows and lights, ready to be assembled into seasonal holiday decorations.


The holiday decorating process usually starts in late October. Our designer, Lisa Candelieri, begins reviewing decorating requests with clients.  As she plans out each specific design, she’s also keeping an eye on seasonal trends to incorporate into our expanding design catalog.  This year, Lisa creates “Holiday Sparkle,” a beautiful complement to last year’s popular “Holiday Glam” and “Rustic Christmas” wreaths and urns.


Mid-November to early December is crunch time. The plant material arrives, colorful handmade bows pile up in boxes, and the trucks are backed up to the garage doors. Two of the garage bays become staging areas for the hundreds of decorations that need to be arranged, wired, trimmed and prepped.  After Lisa puts the finishing touches on each item and reminds everyone not to squish the wreaths, the team carefully places them into the trucks for delivery.


Installation can take a few hours to a few days, and may require several VERY tall ladders (and brave climbers), depending on the site. Torrential rain, strong winds and some bone-chilling temperatures made this year’s setup a bit challenging for our team.

But the end result – lights are lit, bows are bright and holiday cheer shines through.


Wishing you a joyous holiday season and happy 2015!

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