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Visualize your outdoor space.  Bring your landscape dreams to life.

Home.  It’s your sanctuary.  And it should be.  You’ve spent a lot of time creating an interior space you enjoy, walls that surround you with family memories, reflecting who you are and how you live.  Isn’t it time to get that same peaceful, easy feeling whenever you step outside the back patio door?

Your outdoor dreams may be as simple as a small collection of favorite pins on your Pinterest boards.  Perhaps you’ve already weeded out some major likes and dislikes based on the outcome of your neighbor’s recent landscape project.  Or maybe you have that landscape architect plan from a few seasons ago, but you weren’t ready to break ground…and now it doesn’t match your style.

Patio Plan

No matter your starting point, creating an exterior you’ll love as much as the interior of your house is easy when you partner with the right people.  F.D. Candelieri Landscape Management will guide you through each step of the design and construction process.    First, we’ll get the “lay of the land” by identifying your land’s most unique features and your specific taste.  Then we’ll design a landscape layout that showcases your property’s vertical and horizontal space,  without compromising on scale or proportion.   We keep that overall balance in mind as we select the perfect water features, energy-efficient lighting and hardscape elements.

And we also pay special attention to installing plant material.  Nothing spoils a great landscape design faster than perennials, shrubs and trees that are placed too close together.  Properly spaced plants will play nicely with each other season after season instead of growing into a jumbled mess.

Finally, landscape irrigation and weekly maintenance will keep your newly enhanced landscape looking like we just installed it…even years later!

Want more inspiration?  Check out our latest landscape construction and design projects in our gallery.   Then call us to get started on your own customized landscape creation.