Maintain, refine, create your perfect landscape.

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Enhance your curb appeal.   Upgrade from drab to fab.

Finally time for a makeover?  Thinking about putting your home on the market?  We’ll make your landscape standout for all the right reasons.


F.D. Candelieri Landscape Management will revitalize your property.  Our expert  selection  and installation of new plants, shrubs and trees will add a pop of color and variety to your yard.  We’ll give patchy grass areas a once-over with some new hydroseed or sod.  And we’ll even create new planting  beds with mulch or crushed stone for contrast.

 Manicured flower garden

Lawn Sprinklers

After we restore the balance and enhance the flow of your outdoor space, the next step is keeping it that way!  In addition to regularly scheduled landscape maintenance, one of the best ways to keep your yard from sliding back into the “BEFORE” column is a properly functioning irrigation system.  If you have one already, we’ll tweak it for maximum capability and efficiency.  If you’ve outgrown your current system, we’ll add zones to make sure your newly planted landscape stays vibrant and healthy all season.

Many of our landscape clients say that adding an irrigation system to their homes was one of the best investments they made in preserving their homes’ curb appeal.  We agree!  Eliminate the guesswork over when to water – and how much – by allowing us to custom design and install your new irrigation system.  Our skilled irrigation team will program the best watering schedule to improve root growth and prevent the risk of overwatering.   You can also rely on us to maintain the irrigation system so that you’ll conserve water and reduce those high municipal water bills.



Masonry Restoration/Hardscape

Transforming the living, breathing, green parts of your yard is only the beginning.    Complete your property’s facelift by giving some care to an often neglected area – the hardscape.  F.D. Candelieri Landscape Management will repair your worn-out, weather-damaged walkways, walls, stairs and driveways.  We can also remove that hard-to-keep-clean wooden deck and replace it with a beautiful low-maintenance stone patio.  Our experienced masons can easily restore pool decks, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and even add a pizza oven to your outside kitchen and eating areas.


Whether it’s minor adjustments or major upgrades, we’ll tackle the problem spots that are hiding your property’s natural beauty.  Contact us here and put our landscape makeover skills to the test!