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Aeration – The Key To A Healthier Lawn

As summer fades and fall begins, it may seem strange to start thinking about the lush green lawn you want to have next spring.  The leaves are still on the trees!  But one step you take now before the winter cold arrives is key to more beautiful grass next season.

What is it?  Aeration.


It’s a big part of maintaining a healthy lawn.  Aeration loosens up compacted soil and allows air, food and water to reach grass roots more easily.  Without regular aeration, it’s much harder for your lawn to truly thrive.

Imagine the normal wear-and-tear on your lawn.  Walking, running with the kids, playing with the dog…each step on the grass compresses the soil underneath, compacting it and removing the space usually filled by oxygen.  Tight soil deprives the grass roots of the air they need for growth and makes it difficult for water to filter evenly and consistently to the plant roots.

Even though aeration improves your lawn, the process disrupts plant roots and can also stress the grass temporarily.  For best results, avoid aerating in the summer heat.  Instead, opt to aerate your lawn in the fall while the grass is still growing and the weather isn’t too hot.  Boost your lawn’s recovery even more by following aeration with an application of limestone (to restore soil PH) and overseeding sparse spots.  You’ll be pleased with the healthy lawn results next season!

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