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Planting Colorful Fall Flowers

Missing those beautiful summer blooms?  Nothing adds a burst of fresh color to your yard faster than these stunning fall flowers.



sunflowers wide

One flower that you can enjoy at the end of summer and all the way to the first frost of fall is the Sunflower. These large yellow flowers, often thought of as warm and sunny, actually signal that fall is on its way. They begin to bloom in August, usually last well into October and depending on the weather, possibly even November.




Multi-color MarigoldsMarigolds, while traditionally summer flowers, also make for beautiful fall flowers. You can enjoy these for a good portion of the year, starting in the hot summer months and lasting through fall. These flowers come in a wide array of bright colors and will add a lot of pop to any fall garden.



Burgundy Mums


But in our view, Chrysanthemums are the perfect fall flower. They come in so many different varieties of colors that you really can get a beautiful vibrant garden by mixing a few shades of chrysanthemums. A random flower fact:  November only has one birth month flower- chrysanthemums – while the rest of the months have two.  The chrysanthemum can be either perennial or annual. The annual ones are easier to care for, but either way you will get beautiful flowers with plenty of color options for your yard.



Any of these three flowers – or even a combination – will do wonders to brighten up your fall landscape.   And with proper maintenance, you can expect these flowers to last until the first few days of winter.   Don’t have time to plant them yourself?  Wondering what color mix will look best in your yard?  Call our office at 781-749-1197 – we’re happy to add your house to our fall flower planting schedule!

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